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Here’s the Obligatory Welcome to my Blog


Montaigne posing for his Penguin edition of the Essays.

It’s a commonplace for people to say past writers and thinkers were the first to use per-electronic social media. And while these claims tend to be a bit much, there is some truth to the idea.  For example, one of my favourite writers and thinker is the French philosopher and thinker Michel de Montaingne.

A three-time mayor of Bordeaux and friend of kings (Henri III  and Henri IV, no relation), Montaigne invented an entire literary form – the essay.  In his more than 100 essays, Montaigne covered subjects ranging from his thumb to the reality of experience.  Profound, funny, witty, moving, these essays demonstrate a man coming to grips with what it meant to be human.

And despite his claim that these essays reflected an unvarnished truth, the spontaneous nature of his writing can be considered the first blog.  I have been inspired my Montaigne for years. Since my undergraduate days, my thinking of the world has been shaped by his ideas and his reflections of an all too human experience.

It is my intention with this blog to not only review and talk about literature and literate things, but also to engage with any reader out there in an exchange of ideas. I know this is one one blog amidst 100 000s of other blogs, but hopefully there may be room on the internet for one more site.  I hope to see you here.


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